All my life I’ve wanted to travel around the world. 

In my seventeen years of existence I’ve barely traveled. In fact, I’ve never been on a plane. Not even when I was a baby. Although I haven’t been on a plane I have, kind of, been out of the country. When I was fourteen my family went on a cruise to Alaska. One of our stops was Canada. We were in Victoria for about two hours. Even though it was summer, it was pouring rain. We walked around for maybe an hour and then went back to the boat. The one thing I remember was taking a Canadian taxi. It was a hybrid car and looked really fancy compared to the taxis we have here. Alaska was pretty nice. It was cold, but beautiful. Everything was so green and the air was really crisp. The little towns were really cute and the locals were really nice. Something that I found interesting was that some of the towns in Alaska were Russian stores. I know that Alaska used to belong to Russia, but I didn’t know they kept some of that influence. Alaska was by far my favorite trip I’ve ever been on, but I have traveled to a few states surrounding California. I’ve been to Arizona, Nevada, (drove through) Oregon, and Washington. I do have a list of places that I want to travel. I really want to go to Europe. I want to go to the UK, Denmark, Germany, France, The Netherlands. I feel like the architecture in Europe is just ten times more beautiful because it has been around longer. I also love the history of Europe. I want to go to Australia because it seems like it would be like California, only better. One place I really want to go, but don’t know if I ever will is Russia. Contrary to what a lot of people who meet me think, I was not born in nor have I even been to Russia. I know things aren’t really good in Russia right now, but I hope that one day I will be able to go there and see where some of my family, like my grandfather, is from. If I never make it to Russia I hope I can make it to Iceland. It seems a little random, but I have wanted to go their for quite some time now. I think the name drew me in. I mean it’s called Iceland, but it’s actually really green. Another place that is “cold, but beautiful”. I may not be able to make it to all these places, but a girl can dream.



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