If you think about it dreams are kind of weird. 

When I say dreams I’m talking about the kind that happen when your asleep. I think it’s fascinating that even when you go to sleep your mind is still able to think. Not only is it able to think, it’s able to take your thoughts and create something that can be completely unrealistic. Sometimes dreams can feel so real that you feel like they’re actually happening. That happened to me this past Monday. At my school we have late starts on Mondays. In my dream it was eight-thirty and I was still asleep. The bell rings at eight-forty so I would have had to get up as fast as I could brushed my teeth and left the house. That was when I snapped back to real life and wake up in a panic. When I looked at my phone it was only seven. I think this dream might have stemmed from the fact that it was pajama day at school and they continuously promoted it with the slogan, “roll out of bed”. Dreams aren’t always a beautiful place where you can do completely unrealistic things. Sometimes dreams are scary places where bad things happen. That’s when dreams turn in to nightmares. Nightmares are the worst because just like dreams they have the power to feel so incredibly real that it actually scares you. Sometimes you wake up so fast just to escape whatever the nightmare was about. I’ve also heard that you can never die in a dream or a nightmare. Like if you were about to be killed by someone in your dream you would never actually die. Maybe you were falling to your “death” and just as you’re about to hit the ground you jolt yourself awake . That leaves me to wonder if anyone has ever died in their dreams. I can’t recall a time that I have. I also wonder if they do die in their dreams does the outcome of that affect their human body in any way. Kind of like the tale of the banshee. If you hear her cry and nobody else does that means you are going to die. I wonder if dreams can indicate that for you? Like if you die in your dream, you die in real life. It’s kind of a morbid thought, but like I said, I find dreams fascinating.



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