Spring Break

Last week was spring break.

In our school district spring break is always the week after Easter. Over spring break I didn’t go on any cool vacations. I stayed at home, but it was still really fun. The Friday we got out from school I went to the mall to shop and get my┬ácartilage pierced. Then on Saturday I spent the day with my friends and at night I went to an Easter play at my church. Sunday was Easter. Instead of going to Easter service like a lot of families, my mom thought it would be a good idea to go on a family hike. We got up relatively early and drove down to Upper Back Bay. We hiked about 1.5 miles before we decided to turn back. In total we did 3 miles. Later in the evening we had a family dinner with my aunt, uncle, cousin, and grandparents. When we went to the Easter play the night before my friends and I were talking about how much fun it would be if we had a sleepover on my trampoline. So Sunday night we followed through with the idea. It seemed like a great idea when we thought about it, but I don’t think we accounted for how cold it was going to be. Even if we do live in Southern California. Nonetheless, we still did it and made it until the sun rise at about six in the morning. Monday I went on another hike with my grandma while my parents went on a bike trail. My grandma and I walked another 3 miles while my parents rode 11 on their bikes. With the sleepover, the hike, and about three hours of sleep keeping me going I was ready to pass out for the night. Instead of doing that I decided to lay down and watch a movie. After that the sleep hit me… hard. Tuesday I didn’t do anything. I woke up at eleven and decided that it was a good day to just relax. Wednesday was a busy day. I had youth group that night. It was game night so it was fun, but also stressful. Afterward, my friends and I saw Insurgent and slept over at her house for her birthday. Thursday, I was up at eight leaving her house so I could make cupcakes for my party I was throwing that day. My friend and I baked for a few hours then went over to my aunts house to set up. The party was fun and I had a good time with great friends. Friday, Again I was up early. For another hike. This time we went somewhere different and we brought my uncle, aunt, and cousin. The place was called Carbon Canyon. We took a trail that lead to a redwood forest. The redwood forest was beautiful. The second you walked in it got darker and colder. Despite the dryness on the trail, the ground of the forest was damp. It was really cool. Saturday, my friend and I hung out and then went to church service. Sunday, I finished my one homework assignment and then went to guitar. Other than that I didn’t do anything, but relax and mentally prepare myself for school. Now I am back and I can safely say I’d rather be at home.


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