Group Projects

Usually when you work in a group there is at least one person who does not fully contribute to the project.

Since it is a group project everyone has to contribute somehow. Dividing it up can be the hardest part. You have to have complete faith that they will follow through with what they were assigned. More times than not there is always at least one person in the group who contribute less than the others or not at all. We recently did a project in English class that involved working in groups. Luckily my group was a good one. I worked with people who are my friends. This can cause problems sometimes because it usually means that no one will be working. Instead they will all be talking and messing around. Our group was able to keep focus while still having fun. We made a power point and a movie trailer for a book we read. Our goal was to try and sell the book to the other people in our class. We were able to finish almost all of it in one day. We divided it up and worked together to get it done. We had the people who weren’t apart of the movie trailer at the time working on the power point. We would switch when we needed the people who were working on the power point to be in the movie trailer. By the time we left the house we were working at we had the movie trailer finished and only had to add to a few more slides to our power point. I think this shows that working in groups isn’t all bad. You just have to work with the right people and motivate each other when someone isn’t working. And have food. You need brain fuel.



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