The Culture Fair

This past Friday was our school’s culture fair. 

I don’t think we’ve had one since I’ve been going there so this is my first one. Not only in school, but also in general. For the culture fair we had to dress up in the attire that people from our country would wear. At first I was at a loss because I didn’t know what heritage I was going to dress up as. I had a total of three options. I could have worn Irish, Scottish, or Russian attire. I couldn’t think of anything to wear for Irish attire so I eliminated that one first. I don’t own a kilt so my only option for Scottish would have been to wear some form of plaid. I was originally going to settle for that until my little brother told me I should dress up in Russian clothing. I was planning on doing that in the days leading up, but the only thing I could think of when planning was a babushka. In case you aren’t aware babushka is the Russian word for grandma. I’m sixteen so I didn’t want to dress up as if I were seventy. After telling my family that there was no chance of me dressing like a babushka my little brother spoke up once again. He said he had our great grandpa’s fur hat, like the ones you see all the stereotypical Russians wear. When he brought it out I wasn’t too sure I wanted to wear it. It looked huge and it was going to make me standout whether I liked it or not. I ended up wearing it after some convincing from my friend. When I got there I got stopped a few times by random people to be told that they liked my hat. Other than that the culture fair wasn’t what I thought it would be. It was all food. I thought they might have some games or something, but it was literally all food. There were some performances, but our school is notorious for bad mics so you couldn’t really hear much of anything. In the end my friend and I ended up leaving a half hour early to get some coffee… oops.



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