Friends can be confusing. When you have a small group of friends they are basically the only people you see outside of your family. I mean you see people on the streets and the activities you go to during the week, but they are not technically your ¨friends¨. Well they are, but they are a different type of friend. The kind that you do not need to see every day and can go a whole week without seeing or talking to them and pick up the next week and you are fine with it. This is different from your friends that you’ve made at school. Usually the friends you have from school are your best friends. The ones that you want to see and talk to every day. The best part of these friends is that even if you don’t talk to them every single day you still feel like you had. Problems begin to occur in friendships when you make new friends and you try to introduce them your original friends to your new ones. Your original friend might feel like they are being replaced when that is not the case at all. Making new friends is good because it means you opened yourself up and put yourself in a situation you may not have been comfortable in. With this said you can never forget who stood by you in the first place. When everything was changing. When you went to high school and lost every other friend you both had to a different school. When the people you thought were your friends randomly stopped sitting with the both of you at lunch. Because in the end that person could have left with the rest of them, but chose to stay and that is what gives them a special place in your life.

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