I mentioned in my last blog post that I play guitar. So naturally you would assume that I have a love for music at least on some level. This is in fact true. I love to play guitar and I love to listen to it. My music taste might be different from most teenagers my age. When I tell people that I don’t listen to One Direction they’re genuinely surprised. Probably because the friends I hang out with all do. I think I have my parents to thank for my diverse taste. My parents used to be and still are obsessed with bands like Iron Maiden and Metallica. My mom was also the person who introduced me to Green Day. I remember when I was little while my friends were all listening to Radio Disney I was trying to win the fight with my older brother on which CD we would listen to in the car. I wanted Good Charlotte and he wanted Bowling for Soup. In the end no one won or I guess we both won. One of us would get to listen to our CD on the way to our destination and the other on the way back. As I got older I realized my friends weren’t aloud to listen to the music that I listened to because their parents thought it was bad for them to listen to that type of music. I’m glad my parents weren’t trying to protect me from something so harmless. As I have gotten older I’ve noticed that I still have a different music taste to most people my age. For the most part everyone listens to rap or pop. Both of which I’m sure are great I just haven’t managed to find any artist that I find worth constantly listening to in those genres. Both of my brothers have relatively the same music taste as me. My younger brother decided he wanted to learn The Anthem by Good Charlotte on the drums. So I think it’s safe to say I won the CD battle with my older brother. Overall, I’m glad that I didn’t have the restrictions of what I was and wasn’t allowed to listen to growing up.

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