I’ve known that since I was little I was different from my family. My family is, for the most part, relatively similar. That is other than me. To start off I don’t look much like my family. My mom is of Irish and Scottish decent. She has pale skin, freckles, and auburn hair. None of which I have. My dad is of Russian decent. He has tanned skin and his hair is a mix of mostly light brown, blonde, and dark brown. If anything I look like him in terms of skin color and hair color. I kind of ruined it by deciding to dye my hair. My parents friends will constantly tell me I look like my mom and others will say I’m a spitting image of my dad. My facial features can be kind of confusing. My nose doesn’t exactly belong to either one of my parents. It is kind of one of its own and it’s safe to say it’s not my favorite facial feature. My long face belongs to my dad. People say my eyes belong to my mom. The problem with that is that I have astigmatism. Meaning my eyes are “shaped like footballs” (according to my mom) and “hard to keep open” (according to my friends). I have two brothers. They look like each other with little details that are different. They both have the obvious Irish/Scottish decent showing, but my older brother has my dad’s nose while my little brother has my mom’s nose. Other than visually being different from my family I also have quite a different personality. My family tends to be loud and confident in what they say. I, on the other hand, am quiet. I keep to myself and that hasn’t always benefited me. My step grandpa thinks I am rude and has grown to dislike me because I “won’t talk to him”. If he knew the actual case he’d realize I just don’t talk to many people. I prefer to watch from a far and join in when I feel I have something important to say. Besides my family mostly talks about sports, usually baseball and football. The only sport I have ever played in my life was soccer. I played it for ten years so it’s all I know. When I stopped playing soccer I turned to music. While nobody in my family plays music my parents were and still are pretty big in to rock n’ roll. I play guitar. They were pretty excited when I told them I wanted to play, but bummed when I said I wouldn’t play for them. I was too scared at first, now I play for them on occasion. My little brother decided to join this trend and picked up drums. We don’t play together often because we can never agree on a song. Although I might be different from my family it doesn’t mean I love them any less.




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  1. Keep in mind that being different is a good thing! Although you might feel singled out and out of place sometimes, remember that your individuality is really important. Don’t try to change yourself, because if you did, you wouldn’t be the same person. People love you for the person that you currently are. Also, remember that we tend to thing we stick out ore than we actually do. I’m glad you found guitar as an outlet.
    Keep your head up (:

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