The Book Store

I recently finished a book. Since I am an avid reader I wanted to go to the book store and pick a new book to read. So I waited until my mom got home (I’m not too keen on going places alone) and then I drove us to Barnes and Nobles so I could pick out a book. Once we got out of the car my mom said she needed to return something at a near by store and that I could go in and start looking. I spent a couple of minutes browsing the books and eventually narrowed it down to two different books. Before I made my decision I felt a tap on my shoulder. This scared the crap out of me because like I said I’m not too good with going places alone. When I turned around I saw my mom and calmed down. She started looking through the books herself while I made the decision of which book I was going to go with. Once I decided we went down to the cash register and paid. We were going to go home, but my mom offered me coffee from the Starbucks that was connected to the store. So we went over to the Starbucks and ordered our drinks. Once we got them we were about to leave when all of a sudden it started pouring down rain. Neither of us had coats because it was sunny when we left the house, but now thanks to the bipolar California winter weather it was pouring down rain and we needed to get to my car. As you might have been able to tell from earlier context this book store was in the middle of a plaza type area so we didn’t exactly park right in front of the store. In fact we parked on the complete other side of the parking lot. The rain wasn’t going to let up anytime soon and we weren’t going to stay in Starbucks until it did so we made the choice to just bear with it and get to my car as fast as we could. In the end we got to my car. We might have been soaked, but the point is we got there and now could go home.



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