The New Year

365 days. That makes up a year. These days seem to go by very slow, but by the end of the year you realize how fast it passed by. As I sit here and write it is the eleventh of December. Thinking about the last year I can remember a lot of little details. I can remember last New Years when I drank sparkling cider with my cousin and younger brother. I can remember going snow boarding in February. I can remember turning sixteen in March. I can remember getting my license. This caused me to think. Will I remember these little details in the years to come? Will I remember how it felt to drive without a parent for the first time. The sad truth is I probably won’t. I won’t be thinking about how it felt to drive alone when I’m on my way to work. I won’t be thinking about being sixteen when I’m forty. I’ll be thinking about being fifty. I won’t be thinking about all the fun I had snow boarding because chances are I might not be able to anymore. While this is sad I think it’s good. Someone once said, “I don’t regret the past. I don’t fear the future. I simply live the present.” I think this quote has a lot of good meaning hidden behind it. Even if you don’t necessarily regret your past you still shouldn’t live your life thinking about it. You can reflect on it and smile about the memories you made, but there is no sense in trying to be there again. I also don’t think you should look to far into the future. Planning what you’re going to do this coming weekend is okay, but if you were to ask me where I think I’m going to be in the next ten years I’d tell you that I’d hope to have a family and a job. A family with who? I’m not sure. What job? I don’t know yet. What I do know is that today is Thursday the eleventh of December. The present day. I believe that if you live in the present you’ll be the happiest because you aren’t reflecting on the mistakes you’ve made or how different your life is now and your not worrying about the future. You’re here. Taking what life has to offer you. With that said I think everyone should take life one day at a time and try to enjoy everyday of 2015 because soon enough it will be 2016.



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