Reasons Why Christmas is the Best

Christmas is one of the happiest times of the year.

1. Food

During the holiday seasons the food is always the best. Families make full out meals and gather together to eat and celebrate. In my family we have multiple meals. On Christmas Eve we go to my grandparent’s house and eat Mexican food. Granted we are Russian. Nevertheless, it is still delicious and probably my favorite holiday meal. On Christmas morning we usually gather at my aunts house and have breakfast together. This meal primarily consists of pancakes, eggs, and bacon. My favorite food of the holidays is a desert known as baklava.

2. Family

The holidays are a time that family come together. Aunts, uncles, and cousins from out of the state come to celebrate Christmas together. My family all live in a five minute driving span of each other. This means we see each other all the time. Gathering together on the holidays is still something really special because there’s not a lot of us. We go to my moms parents on Christmas Eve to open the presents from them. On Christmas morning I stay at my house with my parents and brothers and we open our presents. Then at around ten we head to my aunts house where my whole family (a whopping eleven people) gather to open presents from one another.

3. Presents

Presents are fun to give and receive. I love getting meaningful presents from people that have a lot of thought put into them. I also love shopping for peoples presents. It is fun because you can pick out something that reminds you of them specifically and no one else. I also love doing Secret Santa. Something about exchanging gifts and having to guess who gave it to you is always really fun. When I give a gift to someone I love to watch the expression on their face. If you know them well enough and got them the “right gift” their face tends to light up and you feel accomplished.

4. Caroling 

During Christmas is when the carolers come out. They are usually all bundled in their scarves and coats ready to go house to house and sing Christmas songs. I’ve never been caroling around my neighborhood or the town, but my French class goes around the school every Christmas and sings to classes in French the day before break. I always find this fun because even though we aren’t the best it’s just to spread the joy of the holiday and make others around you happy.

5. Santa Claus 

Santa is a pretty cool guy. I mean he brings presents to the whole world in one night. Some people may not believe Santa is real, but I think he had to have been real at one point in time. I’d like to believe he started out as being called, St. Nicholas. Maybe the real St. Nicholas didn’t deliver presents to the whole world either but he had to have done something pretty significant to have people make up a story saying that he brings joy and presents to millions of people in one night.



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  1. I really like your reason #2 because family is very important. I really like to have a lot of family gathering, but they don’t have enough time because of work. So family gathering is rare and important to me. 🙂


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