You Had a Bad Day

Something small could either make your day or ruin it completely.  Some people say that just a simple good morning text or a hello from the right person can make it ten times better. Unfortunately, this also works for the other way around. Sometimes it’s not even the words said by someone it’s what you read or hear from someone else. If you see something bad about you or someone you associate yourself with it can bring down your mood significantly. Even a simple text from someone you don’t like or seeing a friend that has turned their back on you can make you feel like curling up into a ball and hiding from the world. What brings me down when I’m having a good day is when I see the people who don’t like me. I know they don’t like me because they have made it very clear to me and my friends that they have a problem with me. They never give a reason they just simply state that they don’t like me. The problem is they are friends with the people I am friends with. This means I have to encounter them a lot. I don’t like to cause conflict so I usually just stay quiet or excuse myself from the conversation. Sometimes it isn’t that easy because when I try to add my input on the conversation they will make it a point to ignore me, skip over what I said, and pretend like I don’t exist. This doesn’t upset me anymore because I’m used to it, but it is still really awkward and uncomfortable.




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