Legal Age Limits

Should the age limits for minors be lowered around the world? All over the world the legal age for certain rights varies. I recently learned that in Scotland they are thinking about lowering the legal age limit for voting from eighteen to sixteen. Many people will argue and say that kids should not have a choice in who runs their country because they are too young and naive. While this is true I don’t think that someone who is eighteen is vastly different from someone who is sixteen. Most people turn eighteen while they are still in high school. I also believe that somebody who is sixteen could be at the same level of maturity as someone who is twenty-three. Nicola Sturgeon, the Deputy First Minister of Scotland, says that young people will shape the path for their future. She says that if given the right to vote someone who is sixteen can step up to the plate and help form the world they will have to live in. Another argument around the world is the legal ages for a minor to be able to drive and a minor to be able to consume alcohol. In America minors are able to get their license at sixteen, but can not drink until they are twenty-one. In other countries such as the UK and Australia minors are not able to get their license until they are seventeen, but they can drink when they are eighteen. I think that minors should be able to drive before they can consume alcohol. Maybe twenty-one isn’t the “perfect” age, but it is a safe amount of time between being able to drink and drive.

 no minors allowed


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