Bell Week

This week is the week of the Bell Game. The Bell Game is our schools annual game against our rival school. We compete for a bell that will reside at the winning school for the next year. Leading up to the Bell Game our school has dress up days for that week. Monday was ‘Murica Monday. ‘Murica Monday was when everyone wore clothing articles that represented America. Whether it be red, white, and blue or a shirt with a flag on it. Tuesday was Tie-Dye Tuesday. This is exactly what it sounds like. We had to wear a form of tie-dye to school. Wednesday was Western Wednesday. On Western Wednesday everyone dressed up like they were cowboys or cowgirls. Today was Nerd Day. On Nerd Day not only did we dress up like nerd, but we dressed up like nerds from our rival school. This meant that we wore their colors with nerd attire. Some people were even able to get their school shirts from their friends who go to the school. Tomorrow we get to wear our costumes to school. Knowing my school the costumes will be really great. The past years have always proved to be. We also decorate our school in posters. The posters are probably our greatest accomplishment. Our ASB and Senate make them. Each year they get better, funnier, and more creative. Overall, I feel the spirit days and the posters have prepared us for the Bell Game. We haven’t won the bell in nine years and we might actually have a chance of winning this year. We say this every year, but nobody wants to loose for the tenth year in a row.

fvhs bell week


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