A lot of people worry about their reputation. I think this is because they care about what others think of them. If you do something wrong chances are that’s what people will remember about you. However, if you do something good hardly anyone will care. I think this is because people are looking and waiting for you to make a mistake. People like when others make mistakes because it’s a chance for them to look better than you. I also feel that girls tend to care about their reputation more than guys do. I think girls are more afraid of being labeled. When a girl does something wrong a name can come from whatever it is she did. For example, if there is a rumor about a girl sleeping around going out she would most likely be called names such as, “slut” or “whore”. If the same rumor goes around about a guy his friends might give him a high five. I am not a guy so I can’t say for sure that guys don’t care what others think of them, but I feel that if guys do care they don’t show that they care. I talked to some guys and they said it was the way they were raised. They said they were raised to not care, be tough, and brush it off even if it did bother them. As a girl I know that we tend to be more sensitive. We take the things that people say to heart, think about them and try to change them for the better. If people let others do what they want without commenting on it our world would be a lovelier place.



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