Being Alone

Being alone is normally viewed as a bad thing. Just because someone is alone does not mean they are lonely.A person can be contently alone and sometimes they want to be alone. A lot of people think that being alone isn’t healthy and can lead to further problems such as depression. I believe that loneliness is something that people may need to worry about. When something bad or life changing happens in a persons life they tend to shut out the whole world and that’s okay as long as the person pulls them self back together a continues to move forward in life. My English teacher shared a story with my class about one of his students. He told us that he was one of the nicest and happiest kids you’d ever meet. My teacher got to know the student a little better and had formed an actual friendship by the time he graduated. Not too long after he graduated the student’s brother came to visit my teacher. When he came he told him that his younger brother had committed suicide while he was over in the East Coast for college. I do not believe this was a result of being alone but of being lonely. Being alone is a choice and it means that you have people you could turn to in a time of need. Loneliness is different. When you are lonely it means that you have no one that you feel like you could rely on or talk to in a time of need. I don’t think people need to worry about the people in the world who like to be alone, but the people who are truly lonely.




  1. I for one absolutely enjoy being alone. So I agree with this post. Being alone helps me think and sort out any problems or tough decisions that I have. I love the picture that you have but it shows the depressing part of being alone, I think that you should find a picture that shows the bright side of being alone.


  2. I posted about being alone too, but only on the other side. Like when you’re alone but you don’t want to be alone. Ya know? Well I thought that this was really well written 🙂 and I totally agree with you. Sometimes being alone isn’t such a bad thing. Sometimes it’s really nice to be left alone for a little while.


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