Moving On

In my English class we discussed the PSAT. As a junior we take the PSAT in less than a week. This test has the opportunity of offering scholarships to many colleges. This had me thinking about going away to college and what I want to do after I leave high school. If I had it my way I would go away for college to study music in Boston. Things aren’t always that easy. To go to college out of state is expensive and getting into my dream school is going to take more than dreaming. I have thought of other schools, but I don’t particularly want to stay in California. The career path I want to go down is music. California has a lot of opportunities for the music career and it might be beneficial to stay in California, but the school I want to go to is Berklee College of Music in Boston. This school is across the country which means I’d have to endure my first ever plane ride and it would be alone. It also means I would have to leave my family in California. I like going to gatherings with my family, but I would have to leave that behind to fulfill my dreams. Getting into Berklee is a whole other story. Right now I’m considering going for music producing, but I also want to go for performing considering I play guitar. To get in you have to go through a process of auditioning. I have barely played for my mom let alone a group of people who would be deciding my future. Needless to say this is all very stressful, but at least I’m moving on.



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