English Class

This year I started my junior year of high school. So far it’s been exciting, but the classes are definitely harder and different than last year. My English class is probably the most different. In this class you don’t necessarily get graded on what you do, but how you think you did. We express this in the reflections we write. In our reflections we are required to reflect on our past assignments, usually over the course of a week. We state the grade we think we deserve and why we think we deserved that grade. We also watch a lot of thought provoking videos. We watched a video called Caine’s Arcade. In this video a young boy created an arcade in front of his dad’s shop out of cardboard. Caine’s Arcade wasn’t doing to well until his first customer came to play. His first customer was a film maker and he was surprised at the fact that Caine had not had any previous customers. The man thought Caine’s Arcade was unique and deserved more attention. So by the power of the internet he set up a world-wide event for Caine’s Arcade. He made a plan with Caine’s father to take Caine out to lunch while the film maker and his friends made signs for Caine. When Caine and his dad returned he was surprised to see a lot of people standing outside the shopping chanting for Caine to open his arcade so he could play. Another video we watched was about another film maker. He left his bags in a taxi after getting back from a long trip. These bags contained all of his camera equipment which cost thousands of dollars. Like any other person he wanted and needed his equipment back. So he called the taxi service and tried to make contact with his driver. Eventually he made direct contact with his driver who returned all of his stuff to him. In return the film maker gave him five hundred dollars. Both of these videos had a sweet overall concept. Two film makers are giving back to two ordinary people for either doing the right thing or simply making something that caught their interest.


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