Bell Week

This week is the week of the Bell Game. The Bell Game is our schools annual game against our rival school. We compete for a bell that will reside at the winning school for the next year. Leading up to the Bell Game our school has dress up days for that week. Monday was ‘Murica Monday. ‘Murica Monday was when everyone wore clothing articles that represented America. Whether it be red, white, and blue or a shirt with a flag on it. Continue reading



A lot of people worry about their reputation. I think this is because they care about what others think of them. If you do something wrong chances are that’s what people will remember about you. However, if you do something good hardly anyone will care. I think this is because people are looking and waiting for you to make a mistake. People like when others make mistakes because it’s a chance for them to look better than you. Continue reading

Being Alone

Being alone is normally viewed as a bad thing. Just because someone is alone does not mean they are lonely.A person can be contently alone and sometimes they want to be alone. A lot of people think that being alone isn’t healthy and can lead to further problems such as depression. I believe that loneliness is something that people may need to worry about. Continue reading

Moving On

In my English class we discussed the PSAT. As a junior we take the PSAT in less than a week. This test has the opportunity of offering scholarships to many colleges. This had me thinking about going away to college and what I want to do after I leave high school. If I had it my way I would go away for college to study music in Boston. Continue reading

English Class

This year I started my junior year of high school. So far it’s been exciting, but the classes are definitely harder and different than last year. My English class is probably the most different. In this class you don’t necessarily get graded on what you do, but how you think you did. We express this in the reflections we write. Continue reading