Coming to a Close

Junior year is coming to an end pretty soon. We only have a week left. As it starts to end, you’d think that things would start winding down. If that’s what you where thinking then I hate to break it to you, but you are wrong. In the last month or so school has gotten insanely busy. Projects have started piling on top of one another and lessons have been crammed so tightly it’s hard to keep track of them. School is actually the reason I started writing this blog. It is for my English class. Blogging has never really been something that I tried, but over the last year I found that I actually don’t hate it. I’m not sure if I will keep posting on a regular basis, but maybe every once and a while. English has been kind of a whirl wind this year. We were introduced to blogs the first semester and a different teacher second. When our new teacher came we were all in shock and probably didn’t give the right reaction. Being teenagers we don’t exactly react well to change. When our new teacher first came in I would say we were pretty harsh. We liked our teachers relaxed way of teaching and weren’t looking for a change anytime soon. Now that we can look back on it I think we would all be able to agree that the way we reacted was wrong. The semester wasn’t all that bad either. It was more work than the first, but it wasn’t anything we couldn’t handle. In the end we all made it out alive. I would tell my student teacher that she should keep her way of teaching that she used with us. It was challenging enough to make us think, but not so much that we were all constantly stressed out.

schools out

My Birthday (The Before)

Next Tuesday, March 31st, is my birthday. I will be turning seventeen. A lot of people find that hard to believe. I’m in my junior year of high school when most people turn seventeen, but I’m also pretty tall and look older I guess. Whenever I tell people I’m still sixteen they act really shocked and then proceed to tell me that I am “tall for a sixteen year old”. Tall or not, I’m still sixteen. I wasn’t planning on doing much for my birthday. Just going out to lunch with my family. Maybe hangout with my friends. But, then my friends were saying I should have a party. I was against the idea for a really long time because I can’t remember the last time I had, or even went, to an actual birthday party and I don’t think seventeen is that big of a deal. I mean I didn’t have a party when I turned sixteen. I went snowboarding with my family and my friend. Slowly, but surely my friends have been making me come around to the idea. I’m thinking about having a pool or beach party since I have an undying love for the water. In hindsight it seems like a great idea. However, like I do with most things in my life; I’m worried about it. I mean I don’t know who I’m going to invite. I have people in mind, but what if someone who I don’t invite gets offended. Not to mention that some people don’t like to swim. A few of my friends fall in to that category. I’m also not the biggest fan of attention. I think that’s why I stopped having birthday parties in the first place. I was planning to have my party sometime over spring break, but some of my friends are in college and have a different spring break from me. The biggest problem of all would be the fact that I don’t actually have a pool. Which I know is a huge setback since I’m planning to have a pool party, but my aunt has a pool that she would let me use without question. It just adds to the anxiety of not having a set plan. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. If it’s meant to be, it will happen and all will go smoothly.

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